Our Co-Op Program provides students with a hands-on, customized learning experience designed to give them a head start in their careers.


Students and schools love working with us because:

  • We understand the importance of providing a rewarding learning experience for the professionals of tomorrow (sitting in the corner doesn’t cut it for us)


  • We empower interns to participate in all areas of the business and take on projects in their field of interest (find out what you like best, and run with it!)


  • Our Internship Program is customized to each intern and manager, holding each accountable to meeting learning objectives (collaborate with your manager to design your learning experience)

  • There is limitless potential to showcase unique abilities and shine in creative ideation sessions, as well as program/event development, planning, and execution (you get out what you put in – the possibilities are endless!)


  • They build an impressive resume and lasting relationships that will support them in their future careers (guaranteed)


  • Working with high profile brands in a fast-paced, creative work environment where co-workers are considered family is FUN (we have puppies too!)


    XM Account Coordinator

    “Within the first week of my internship at Influence Marketing, I immediately felt like I had been a part of the team for months. My mentor was extremely helpful and supported my personal and professional development, allowing me to grow as an individual.


    By providing me with various opportunities to develop my skills, I was able to have a larger impact on various Experiential Marketing campaigns. I completed a wide variety of tasks ranging from sourcing uniforms to creating pitch decks for the accounts team. I was also fortunate enough to be invited to several “Blue Sky” brainstorming sessions. These meetings allow all employees to come together to provide new and innovative ideas to areas they don’t typically work in. A significant professional milestone for me was developing one of my ideas with the Founder and CEO of the company so that it could be presented to a client.


    Another unique aspect of Influence Marketing that I found very encouraging was my ability to have daily interactions with upper management and occasionally the Founder and CEO, given the close-knit environment created by this company. I also felt respected and appreciated at Influence Marketing, as my manager constantly asked for my input on ideas presented and gave me the freedom to express my ideas.

    Throughout my internship, I had several opportunities to be a Team Lead, work in the field, and manage an enthusiastic team while thinking on my feet as challenges arose, which showed me a different side of the marketing industry. I was also invited to go to Ottawa to work the large scale We Day event sponsored by our client. This was truly an incredible day with 14,000+ “drivers of change”. Ultimately, I gained a very fulfilling internship that led to a summer job with Influence Marketing, allowing me to be a Team Lead in a nation-wide Experiential Marketing campaign.”

    – Stephen Kostuk, Account Coordinator Intern

    PR & Communications Intern

    “Over the course of my internship, I was afforded the opportunity to learn from some amazing people and contribute to some unique events. Everyone at Influence Marketing really cares which is evident in the culture of the company. From my first day, I became a key part of the Influence Events Group due in large part to the efforts of my manager. She took the time to develop and expand my skill set because she genuinely cared about my growth as an individual and professional. I learned more than I could have ever imagined and I have everyone at Influence Marketing to thank for that.”

     – Patrick Garland, Communications Intern